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액세서리 컬렉션을 만나보세요.

롱샴은 심플한 스타일부터 스타일리시한 디자인까지 다양한 액세서리를 선보이고 있다. 롱샴의 실용적이면서 우아한 액세서리는 언제 어디에서나 함께하고 싶은 필수품이 될 것이다.

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목이나 손목에 감거나 백을 장식하기에 이상적인 액세서리.


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Tell me which bag your man has and I'll tell you what to do together... #Blog #Longchamp
Longchamp is sponsor of the Felice Varini exhibition @marseillemodulor starting July 3rd with @ora_ito ・・・ Views of setting up and installation: "À ciel ouvert", Felice Varini exhibition opens @marseillemodulor on July 3rd. #felicevarini will invest the MAMO and the whole rooftop terrasse of La Cité Radieuse, with 3 monumental pieces (red and yellow) offering 3 different viewpoints. Courtesy Galerie Catherine Issert, Saint Paul de Vence. This year, the show will be in free access for the public. For this exhibition, MAMO receives the support of its principal sponsor : LONGCHAMP MAMO Art center of la Cité Radieuse 280, boulevard Michelet 13008 Marseille @oraito @longchamp #oraito #marseillemodulor #mamo #longchamp #laciteradieuse #citeradieuse #lecorbusier